Invest in Technology for Retail Success

Cash registers in stores are old stories now. More business establishments are switching over to cloud-based POS system. These POS systems are mobile friendly and IOS and Windows compatible. These devices are wireless and portable, so an employee can check upon customers at their table in a restaurant or talk to an expecting mother in the Maternity section of a Department store.  Nonetheless, imagine the ease that you feel as a salesman constantly updating inventories or process credit cards without ever leaving your client’s seat.

iConnect POS System is the right Business Tool


iConnect offers an integrated set of retail POS tools that allow for sales & management across all channels. Whether in store, online or at an event, all your sales can be synced to the cloud. Of course, Apple devices or mobiles, offer more functions than a cash register. This will literally help you in syncing your brick and mortar store with your online store. Now, graphing monthly sales to maintaining inventory for multiple store locations is just in few clicks. Truly, it’s a business tool. This is also user-friendly and the touch screens lessen the employee training time.

Customer Centric

The existence of a retail store truly hinges upon retail customer experience. Keeping all your customers happy at all times is no small feat. Negative experiences can drive away customers, as well as their friends and family. Of course, no single store owner is ready for that! You live and die by your store’s earnings and reputation both. You can’t afford that! Every interaction that a customer has with the store is important. Whether it is online web store interactions or in-store interactions with the customers, it is imperative that all these interactions are fully intentional.

To convert your customers into loyal customers, there are certain points to be noted. They can be converted into your brand ambassadors as well over a period of time. With iConnect Retail POS features, this can be easily achieved.

  • iConnect is the first fully integrated system of its kind—no matter where or when you run your business, data syncs instantly across all devices.
  • Manage allaspects of your business from one simple system. Sales, customer relationships, inventory, employees, reporting, and so much more.

Open APIs allow for custom development and integration into any of your existing applications or systems. An inventory updated in real time will keep the storekeeper updated about the need for placing new orders and even check on previous distribution purchase price. Every employee of the company is aware of the stock inventories so that customers do not have to wait. Identifying selling trends is at your fingertips, a retail POS system can help your business keep track of consumers’ purchase histories as well.

  • iConnect Retail POS offers to make checkout an enjoyable experience. Retail POS make this procedure easier for their customers while increasing exposure and sales. This helps in completing transactions without being tied to a physical terminal, which may increase customers’ shopping times and your company’s overall sales. All these pointers of accessibility and flexibility can boost your business.

Being a pro and market leader in handling traditional retail environments, iConnect specifically caters to service industry establishments with special feature requirements like booking, scheduling, checking in and out, employee-specific service rates, rentals, and recurring memberships.  Gyms, Salons, Spas and tanning salons find this app very useful as other service industry features are built into it. So, no need for any additional software. Other features include inter-business messaging and an automatically generated booking website.

iConnect is a serious POS competitor in a rapidly expanding market.

With iConnect POS, you can very well diversify your business experience. Create the perfect retail store setting by accepting EMV, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and more. iConnect POS have advanced features and can be fully customized in accordance with your needs. Take advantage of these features. Your customers will be impressed with the modern iConnect register on your counter top or go mobile to conduct sales on the go. This software will help you in creating a unique service experience for your customers with a cloud-based mobile POS system. Modernize your business with an intuitive countertop register system or enjoy the freedom of a versatile mobile POS system that allows you to conduct transactions, check inventory, and order products on the move. Retail POS also offers customers the ease and convenience of online booking and purchase products via the iConnect e-commerce platform. If you’re a multi-location and/or franchise business, take advantage of our customizable reports. This software proves cost effective and reduces labour cost as well. Lines can be quickened by using iConnect Kiosk solution. Create an online business with an included e-commerce platform. Empower your multi-location retail business with an enterprise level system.

With the push toward mobile and cloud applications in other tech industries, there are a  variety of verticals that use the POS application.  POS software is empowering business and helping them in selling more. iConnect is a  team of business & technology experts. Our team has over two decades of experience in developing custom software for clients all over the world. We are sure that custom POS system will go viral in years to come, with even single stores asking for tailor made POS system to suit their business needs.

Enjoy the perfect modern experience of retail business with iConnect POS.


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